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Everything You Need to Know About Our Body Lotion

Whenever the winter sets up, you might use a body lotion or moisturizer for your dry or sensitive skin. What if we told you that only one product could bring many solutions for different scenarios like dry, sensitive, scared, and aging skin.

Our product is the perfect solution during winter. It is a natural, hydrating, and anti-aging formula that has marula oil in it. Marula oil is what reaps more benefits when you use our product.

What’s Special

The primary ingredient that makes it unique is the marula oil extracted from the seeds of marula fruit.

Additionally, it contains omega 3, 6, 9, and beneficial fatty acids that repair your skin and make it smooth and loving.

Unlike other products, it has vitamin E, which helps your skin glow and prevents premature aging.

Main Features

Natural Body Lotion Without Chemicals

It’s a natural and vegan product which means it is naturally produced from the plant without pesticides.

Marula Plants are grown in a natural and chemical-free environment. After the fruit ripens from the plant, its seeds are separated. Which are then oil pressed to extract marula oil.

Marula oil is then added to other ingredients to make up the volume.

UV Protection, a Body Sunscreen Lotion

After applying it to your body, its exquisite formula protects your skin from sunlight.

Water Based Body Lotion

The solution that makes the final product is water which means this is a water based formula.

Hydrating Body lotion

The essential ingredients like glycerin in it help to hold the water on your skin and keeps your skin hydrated.

These ingredients are basically humectants which means they will draw water to the skin, keeping it fresh and moisturized.

Non Greasy Body Lotion

All the ingredients, including marula oil, are kept in a ratio, so it doesn’t feel heavy on your skin. It is non-sticky and light on your skin.

Offering Solutions for All Skin Types

Perfect for Scars

Our lotion is one of the perfect body lotions for scars as it contains antioxidants that keep the coloration balance of your skin. It discolors the spots and scars applying several times.

Smoothen Dry Skin

Its hydrating ingredients like glycerin helps to hydrate the dry skin and make it glow, inferring it a special body lotion for dry skin.

Body Lotion for Sensitive Skin

Our product works for all skin types, and it has the natural ingredient of plant “marula oil,” which softens and protects sensitive skins. It works well on sensitive skin by holding water on your skin surface.

Perfect for Anti Aging skin

Our product has vitamin C, E, and marula essential oil. These three natural ingredients remove the lines and wrinkles on your skin. Applying it on your skin after several months, you will eventually observe a good change.